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The first novel, Riot and Retribution, is a historical thriller set in the early 1830s - a tale of Passion and Intrigue - from Bath to Bristol and the High China Sea, about 30 years after Jane Austen’s books, just before the Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist, but 50 years before the appearance of Sherlock Holmes and interest in forensic detectives.

This novel is the first of a planned trilogy of stories. They will span the 1830s and the days of domestic riot, to the outbreak of the Opium War with China and will serve up the passions, delights and evils of the time for your delectation. Napoleon's Gold - The Wages of Sin has been written and will be available before Christmas 2017.

The story starts in October 1831 when Britain was in social and political turmoil and Nathaniel Parry arrives in Bath to investigate. He is soon drawn into deeper waters than those provided in the steaming baths. In the social masquerade few are quite what they seem, and the higher they are, the murkier their depths. Politicians, bankers and traders jostle for power and the greatest prizes of all are to be won in the exotic Far East.

Murder, opium and slavery, dealing with Chinese agents, the low life in Bath and the wharf-rat flotsam of Bristol Docks, not to mention the attractions of the Bath beauties, will tax his powers to the limit but he is as well prepared as he is going to be.He’s got a pair of percussion pistols, a swordstick and his dog.

Riot and Retribution is available for purchase in several locations and online, see the Availability page of this site.


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Readers' Reactions to Riot and Retribution

“I was finally able to briefly wrestle this book away from my wife to complete a read, as we both found it difficult to put down. We both loved it! The author has woven a fantastic tale that integrates mostly fictional characters into the British and international political environment of the 1830s. I had no idea that heroin trade was such a big part of the British economy during that era, nor that human trafficking was given mostly a blind eye by the British government. Well done, and best wishes to the author for a sequel! We can't wait for the next installment.”

[L. Nuckols, July 2016, Florida, USA]

"What an action-packed yarn this is - full of twists and turns, fascinating characters and, above all, details so rich and historically accurate that you feel like you are there alongside our hero Nathaniel. And a special mention for his trusty sidekick Caradoc... the most realistically depicted canine character I've encountered in a very long time!"

[C. Hendry, August 2016, Bath, UK]

“A real gem of a read. Combines in-depth period research with a gripping storyline that feels real; many of the themes would not be out of place today!

A must read for all Bath/Bristolians and anybody else who likes a good story. I hope there’s a sequel on the horizon.”

[B. Robbins, Sept 2016, Geneva]

“I really enjoyed this book, it combined the history of Bath & Bristol with intrigue and scandal. There were lots of characters, that were all very well described, so your imagination would form a picture. For Nathaniel, I always thought of the Poldark character. The maps were helpful to find the locations. A book that I was engrossed in and cannot wait for book two.”

[B. Legassick, Sept 2016, Plymouth, UK]

“A wonderful combination of historically informative and a good read. All the components of a thoroughly engaging novel are here - suspense, drama, fear and romance. This is a truly fascinating period of British history that laid foundations for our modern democracy. Reading this book increased my knowledge of key aspects, especially related to Bath and Bristol, with Bristol being a hotbed of insurrection. The geography of the two towns is accurate, increasing the plausibility of the tale. Alex Robertson is a welcome newcomer to British historical novelists and I look forward to the next book.”

[D. Chorley, Sept 2016, Bath, UK]

“Riot and Retribution was a really good read. The storyline is gripping and the attention to detail gave a real feel for life in Bath and Bristol in the 1830's. Knowing the streets of Bath and Bristol, I could walk in the footsteps of Nathaniel Parry and his dog Caradoc, which added to the enjoyment of reading this well researched book.”

[S. Simpson, Sept 2016, Bath, UK]

“Finished the book in the summer holidays and was able to gallop through it without too many distractions! Really enjoyed the history, had studied this period for GCE so you can tell it was a long time ago, but was surprised how quickly it came back to me, probably due to the clarity of the story. Also enjoyed the local interest and was fascinated to follow the path around Bath and picture the streets and houses written about in the story. I liked the characters especially the lady of the night and of course the dog. Looking forward to the next instalment.”

[N. Varley, Bath Oct 2016]


In The News

"Two minds make historical novel more than its initial premise"

On 14 December 2016, the Edmonton Journal published an interview with Bob Hayes following the launch in Canada.

Read the article here: http://edmontonjournal.com/entertainment/books/two...

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Photograph credits: images of Bath and book cover: Stan Kolaczkowski, images of the book launch: Piers Awdry.

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